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The "Secret Sauce" of Content Marketing -- Profound Thoughts and Cafe Mochas

This morning I picked up a client and took her to coffee.

I know--this doesn’t seem like an exceptionally profound event. Yet, as many of my clients are across the United States (or even across the globe) sitting face-to-face with someone I work for isn’t always a luxury.

There were 2 objectives to this meeting…

  • Talk business. After all, we needed some excuse to write off our coffee and croissants for tax purposes :)

  • Simply get to know each other better.

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that this client isn’t local to me. She just happened to be traveling for business and we were fortunate to be able to make a connection.

For this reason, all my communication with her has been via zoom and email thus far.

Don’t get me wrong...those tools definitely make things easier. But, there’s just nothing like sitting face-to-face with someone.

During this time, we talked about our personal lives. We shared our goals and dreams. We laughed. We shared some serious moments. But most importantly, we connected.

How? We allowed ourselves to be vulnerable with each other.

We talked about love. Family. Divorce. Our childhoods. Our biggest accomplishments. And, our biggest fears and failures.

We were having such a meaningful and productive time together that my client had her driver come pick her up late just so we could continue talking


By the time I walked out the door, I knew my client on such a deep level. And, I understood her far beyond the shell of what she sells to people.

Why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because it was a profound occasion when I lived out a truth I’ve always known. The truth that copywriting is about so much more than just writing a bunch of salesly words down on a piece of paper.

It’s about forming authentic relationships that spur on passionate ideas and thoughts that surround the things and services we sell.

People often ask me, “what’s the secret sauce” when it comes to marketing?

In my experience, successful content always boils down to the people behind the content.

Think for a moment…

  • When was the last time someone asked you about your story?

  • Does not knowing you on a deeper level prevent your writers from truly doing justice while writing about your products or services?

  • How much more powerful would your content be if your writers took more than just an hour of time to learn about your “target demographics.”

One of the things I love most about copywriting is the psychology behind the words I use.

For years, I’ve analyzed what people connect with. What inspires and engages actions. How to make someone laugh or tear up.

And I can tell you with certainty that those emotional triggers aren’t set off by wit alone.


In my experience successful content is ALWAYS better results when it’s founded on real, raw human connection and emotion.

My clients have some pretty frickin' amazing stories to tell. And boy do I feel privileged that I get the chance to hear them.

You know, it’s funny...

Growing up, I always imagined that I’d be doing super important business women things in a flashy business suit, confined within the walls of a stuffy conference room.

How elated my younger self would be to know that my most important business meetings today are held today over a hot mocha and a toasted croissant.

You deserve to partner with someone who is willing to take the time to get to know both you and your brand.

If you’re in need of content strategy or copywriting services, I’d love to grab that cup of coffee with.

Let’s make it a date!

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