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Strategic Marketing Plan Creates a 50% Increase in Leads & 150k+ in Sales for Dog Trainer Academy

Updated: Jan 20, 2020


Dan Abdelnoor, also known as “Doggy Dan”, is the founder of The Online Dog Trainer, a wildly successful online training program for dog owners. Over his career he’s trained over 47,000 dogs, dealing with every type of behavioral dog issue known to man.

With a passion for helping people with their dogs, Dan decided he wanted to help other passionate dog lovers find the same success he has found as a professional dog trainer.

His goal: To launch a dog training program that would certify people as dog trainers using his kind and gentle training methods.

With a big goal in mind, Dan and his business partner Graeme sought my help to assist them with bringing their dream to life.


There were many moving pieces that needed to be carefully placed together when launching Dan's new dog training product. Not to mention, the product at hand was going to be a more difficult sell as the program entry fee featured a relatively high-ticket price.

It was vital to figure out a way to truly connect with the audience we were selling to in order to get prospects excited about starting their journey to a career as a dog trainer.

Over the span of a few months, we worked collaboratively to build a narrative that we knew dog lovers would resonate with.

From there, we put a content plan into action that would spread Dan’s message across the globe.


Our timeline was short, but together we formulated a comprehensive digital marketing plan to ensure that the launch of the Dog Trainer Academy would be a success.

To get the most out of the marketing dollars, the plan was to create content that emotionally connected with the pain points of our audience and encouraged them to pursue a new opportunity and live out their calling as a professional dog trainer.

To accomplish this goal, we established the following objectives:

  • Create pre-opt in blog content that promoted the Dog Trainer Academy to Dan’s existing fan base.

  • Develop a video series that would be used to provide content and educate potential buyers while building a personal relationship via video outlets.

  • Craft a 5-part email campaign that encouraged Dan’s email list to take action and pursue their dreams to become dog trainers.

  • Put together paid ads that would attract new leads that would be placed into the Dog Trainer Academy sales funnel.

  • Optimize a series of landing pages that would be effective in converting page visitors into Dog Trainer Academy members.


The marketing campaign for the Dog Trainer Academy began on February 15 and wrapped up with a final call to action via an email sequence on May 30.

In under 4 months, we created content and executed a very successful first launch for The Dog Trainer academy.

To this day, the program continues to thrive and add new members from across the globe and we couldn’t be more thrilled!


Putting together a successful marketing campaign for the launch of a new product is a lot of work that involves many hands. It’s also an ever-evolving process that requires continued efforts in order to see continued results.

Dan, Graeme, and I knew that in order to meet their ambitious goals, the campaign would rely heavily on the creation of thoughtful web design, authoritative content, and relevant calls to action.

Ultimately, we increased customer acquisition by providing audience members with the information they wanted in an intuitive way while also building meaningful connections between Dan and his audience along the way.

The Dog Trainer Academy continues to thrive and we are looking forward to another launch in 2020! If you’re interested in learning more about Dan or his Dog Trainer Academy, we encourage you to check out

About Ali Klug

For nearly a decade, I’ve enjoyed my time as a content creator within the digital

marketing industry.

My passion is writing whimsical, educational, and story-driven marketing content that

not only engages readers but converts. On top of writing, I love getting my hands dirty in the content marketing strategy arena. From drafting content to building marketing funnels, I’m always juggling a wide variety of different projects.

When I’m not busy with work, I spend my free time scoring films, writing screenplays, performing improv comedy, and relaxing with my husband and adorable pups Rowan and Clover.


If you’re in need of a strategic content partner, I’d love to talk with you about your specific needs.

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