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  • Ali Klug

7 Foolproof Tips for Crafting Headlines That Convert

According to, 80% of readers never make it past the headline while opening emails or scanning through online articles.

Shocking, right? But, it makes total sense.

Think of it like browsing for potential mates on Tinder. You’re only going to stop and swipe right if you see a profile that catches your attention.

The same holds true for content headlines.

If your titles and subject lines are sub-par, chances are that many people aren’t going to click on them to keep reading.

So, how do you craft a headline that not only captures someone’s attention but also compels them to read your content?

Keep reading to discover my 7 foolproof tips for crafting headlines that convert…

Tip 1: Promote the Benefit of Your Content in your Headline

Most people consume content in order to learn or gain something.

For that reason, your headline should always include some sort of benefit.

How do you do that? Here’s an example...

Let’s pretend you sell bone broth and you’ve written a blog to promote your beef bone broth product.

Some people might be tempted to write a headline along the lines of, “Why Our Bone Broth Tastes Delicious” or “ Why You Should Consume Our Bone Broth.”


As you can see, the headlines just aren’t that attention-grabbing and they don’t really communicate anything interesting or important.

Instead, pick out a benefit such as, “The Secret to Building Your Immune System with Bone Broth” or “How to Heal Your Gut with Bone Broth”.

Notice how both headlines provide value to the reader?

Now that’s a lot more interesting--and I can guarantee those headlines will get more clicks than the boring ones listed above.

Tip 2: Make Your Headline Direct and Actionable

If your headlines are written in a passive fashion, they aren’t going to convert.

The solution: Write direct, actionable headlines.

It may sound silly, but people actually do kind of like being told what to do. And, when you command someone to take action in a headline, people will often follow suit.

Here are a few examples of actionable headlines to give you an idea of what I’m talking about…

  1. Discover the Secret to Crafting Conversion Worthy Copy

  2. How to Crate Train Your Dog in Less than 24 Hours

  3. 6 Confidence Boosters You Should Adopt Today

  4. 10 Household Chemicals You Should Remove From Your Home

  5. The Ultimate Guide on How to Make More Money

  6. 5 Reasons You Should Meditate Every Day

Tip 3: Use Facts and Figures

By nature, people are attracted to numbers and lists.

For that reason, headlines such as…

  • 5 Ways to Stay Fit in the Winter

  • How to Increase Your Conversion Rates by 50%

  • 24 Hours Left to Save 20%

Will ALWAYS convert better than…

  • How to Stay Fit in the Winter

  • How to Increase Your Conversion Rates

  • Time’s Almost Up to Save Money

Tip 4: Make a Bold Statement

Shocking statements capture attention and draw readers in. Simple as that.

If you have something profound to say, say it!

Of course, I always advise that your bold statement should be truthful and not clickbait.

There’s nothing worse than clicking on an article only to realize you’ve been catfished.

Here are a few examples to illustrate what a bold statement headline might look like…

  • 10 Struggles You’ll Face as an Entrepreneur

  • 5 Ways You’re Contributing to Global Warming

  • Read This or Die: 5 Reasons to Stop Smoking

Tip 6: Keep Your Headline Honest

People highly distrust online content--and for good reason.

There’s so much salesy content and clickbait out there that it can be frustrating to weed through the rubbish and determine what content is authentic and what is not.

If your content doesn’t provide what your headline promises, find a new headline.

You’ll gain many more raving, loyal fans with an honest headline than you will with clickbait titles.

Scouts promise.

Tip 7: Keep your Headline Short and Simple

You don’t want your readers falling asleep before they click onto your content.

To avoid losing your readers, keep your headlines short and simple.

What’s a good rule of thumb for headline length? I’m so glad you asked…

I try to stick to 60-80 characters, or 16-18 words MAX.

Anything longer than that is often too long.

I wish you the best as you set out to write high-converting headlines.

Don’t have time to write your own? I’d love to chat with you! Get in touch with me today to see how I can help you with your content marketing needs!


Ali Klug, Scribble LLC

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