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A little insight into how things get done around here...

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Much like two ends of a circuit, we can't do anything until we connect. For that reason, the first step is a connection. You reach you out to me via my nifty contact form, then I'll reach out to you via email. From there, we'll set up a time to talk so we can discuss what you need to ensure you reach your business goals. 

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The discovery phase is our "dating" phase--except without all the awkwardness and internal questioning about whether you should order the messy rib platter or not. During this time, I'll pull together strategic questions and we'll hop on a discovery call to uncover the nitty-gritty surrounding who you are and what your business needs to thrive.   

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Once we've decided on what type of copy or content marketing strategy your business needs, I dive into the research. During this phase, I immerse myself in your industry, ensuring I thoroughly understand your service and/or product offerings as well as your target market. 




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At this point, we're well acquainted and I've got a pretty good handle on your business offerings, so let the drafting begin! Whether it be blog content, email campaigns, social media posts, web content, or more, I'll get hard to work, churning out the content you need to succeed. 

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Working as a partnership is the key to creating engaging, conversion worthy copy. During this phase, you'll review the content and make sure it's everything you've always dreamed it would be. No one knows your business better than you do, so it's essential that you provide honest, straightforward feedback. 

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Once all revisions are made based on your feedback, it's time to finalize your content. All drafted copy will be sent to my eagle-eyed editor who will ensure it's ready for your raving fans to review. As soon as your content is edited, it will be sent back to you for programming. 

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