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As a copywriter, improv comedian, sketch writer, and scriptwriter, my passion for content creation extends much deeper than my day-to-day copywriting duties. 

It's this passion that has propelled me to put together various training workshops--specifically designed for entrepreneurs, agencies/corporations, and conference events-- that take a fun and light-hearted look into the various challenges content creators face in our industry today. 

All of my talks are carefully crafted, humorous (we don't want anyone falling asleep, now do we?) and provide real, tangible systems and solutions to the problems that cost you (or your organization) time, energy, and money. 

Take a look at the current talks I am offering, then get in touch with me to book a time



How to Nail Tone and Cantor While Crafti

Struggling to nail client tone?

Wasting valueable time, energy, and money constantly redoing projects?

Tired of feeling frustrated as you just can't seem to give your client what he/she is looking for?

I've been there, done that. And now I'm ready to share the secrets & systems I have developed to ensure your content creation process is on point--the first time! 

Book me to speak at your next company event and I'll provide your team with expert insight into navigating some of the most common problems surrounding nailing tone and cantor while drafting content, along with tangible tools and systems you can use to ensure your copywriting process delivers what your client expects every single time. 

How to Nail Tone and Cantor While Crafti

Years ago I began my improv career with a love for team driven storytelling. 

Today, I'm thrilled to bring my love of improv to your office with my Yes, And! Team Improv Workshop that's designed to empower teams to develop stronger, more effective communication skills, ignite out of the box thinking, and instill confidence in the workplace. 


If you've taken enough personality tests and are "so over" the Enneagram, this team building event is for you!  

It's time to get your team up from behind their desks and to add a little play into your day. After all, all work and no play makes Jack (or Jill!) a dull boy (girl)! Am I right?

This type of workshop is best for teams of 4 or more people. 

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